ReproLignum - third edition
It is our pleasure to inform you that it has started the preparation of a new edition of the International Trade Fair of Materials, Semifinished products, Equipment and Technology for the Wood industry ReproLignum. Already the first edition of the fair has shown its justification when the event declared itself as a regional trade fair. As organizers we want to follow wishes of exhibitors and visitors, so we provided some novelties. 
Based on the experience obtained in the previous edition of the fair, it was concluded that is necessary to create the new regulations for better preparation and import of equipment and technology on exhibition space. It is the rules that determine the behavior and actions of exhibitors and organizers when it comes to the origin of the conditions for activation of insurance, also for the manner of equipping exhibition booths. 
Closed type trade fair effectively perform visitors filtration to create targeted groups. In the same time it is very financially acceptable for visitors. Therefore,  reasonable offer best expectations and results. Visitors join the fair only with the invitation. Organizer will deliver invitations to everyone from his expanded timber base, from which everybody strictly comply to visitors profile. This includes guests from other regions, too (Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro ...). Every exhibitor can send invitations to their guests separately, too. Informing each potential visitors about the beginning of the fair is of vital importance. 
Exhibitors profile 
Participation may request only those that belong to the exhibitors profile, and that are companies (domestic or foreign) which are dealers, producers or vendors of machines, equipment and woodworking technology, wood related materials, semi-finished products, hinges and other similar products for woodworking industry. 
Visitors profile 
Invitation can be given to those individual that belongs to the visitor profile, and that are companies or persons which belong to customers/consumers of exhibition offer. These are primarily woodworking industries, sawmills, joineries, furniture manufacturers, ship builders, hotels and appartments owners, architects, designers, and similar groups from the region, primarily from the Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Serbia.  
Exhibition booths 
Sizes of exhibition boots and their schematic pattern are limited. On that way all exhibitors are in equal exhibition position. Organizer have set certain rules (exhibitions rules) in terms of booth arrengement and noise production. 
Since the Arena Zagreb is limited with 5.531 m² of exhibition area, and exhibition interest is quite large, exhibitors must pay special attention to the deadline for submission of application forms.

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For visitors: